About Us


Jessica had been singing since she could talk, but it never seemed to matter.  It felt directionless and, at times, empty.  Then one night, in B.F.E. Ohio, in a swirl of creative need and desperate wishes for a more perfect musical life, she joined forces with Tony and Mark, then later, Mike, and the planets aligned.  All it took was to find 3 attractive men with the flexibility to play hard rock, smooth grooves, dance party pop and female angst anthems to complete her rockstar life.  Together, they make beautiful music - some of it their own!
In an earlier life, Jessica was a member of the group Superglide, named after a Harley Davidson model, and not what you're thinking.  The group was comprised mainly of jazz musicians attempting classic and contemporary rock.  To compensate for that, the band handed out Superglide-branded condoms to college students on special occasions while touring central PA.

Equipment - Sennheiser mic, fingerless gloves, attitude, and everything you see before you.

TONY RAMIREZ - Guitar, Vocals 

Tony has been a professional rock guitarist since before he first got lucky, performing with his own original band at major local venues and touring nationally with Dr. Feelgood - a Motley Crue tribute band.
He is fluent in ALL styles of rock - from acoustic to heavy metal - and facilitates his band's need to cover songs with prominent synth, saxophone and bagpipe parts with his magic pedal board.  His superior ability to tailor his instrument's sound for the song, a musical memory like a steel trap, and his absolutely sick chops make us feel very lucky to have claimed him from the local scene.
Equipment - Fender Stratocasters/Gibson Les Pauls/Ibanez acoustics, Peavey Amps/Marshall equipment, amazing hair.


MARK MONTGOMERY  - Drums, Vocals  
What's 6'5" and really knows how to hit?  If you've been out to see LuCKy mE, you know it must be Mark!  Also a lifelong musician, Mark cut his teeth as part of the New England music scene - and has the sexy 80's pictures to prove it!   Like his rock-solid drumming, Mark has been the foundation of the band since its inception.  While it was certainly lucky that we all met, it has been Mark's effort, not luck, that has made Lucky Me a successful regional act, playing its brand of crowd-pleasing, club-tailored music consistently for the past six years.  In addition to drumming and singing, he plays the spoons - with gusto!  Never one to attempt to steal the spotlight on stage, he has recently been coerced (by the rest of the band) to play some killer solos!
Equipment - It's too difficult to keep track of what drums he's using, but his intimidating stature and boyish charm is present at every show.  That said, ever-present: Paiste, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals, Pacific Concept Maple drums, Tama pedals and hardware, Zildjian DIP sticks
Not many words describe Robbie better than "Robbie is Robbie!" 
Stop out at a show and see and meet him for yourself!  You'll thank us later! ;)
Equipment:  Fender and Dean Bass guitars,  Hartke Amplification,  Sennheiser Wireless Systems, Yuengling and Jagermeister